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Let's start a new Proto 2000 Locomotive Video Series

Let's start a new Proto 2000 Locomotive Video Series

Looks like we have a bunch of work ahead of us! Be sure to subscribe to follow along with the progress!

I'm eager to share the process of transforming the Proto 2000 GP18 into the MP Rail variant.

In this video, I discuss the upcoming videos I will be working on, covering everything from testing and cleaning our GP18 locomotive to the DCC installation with sound!

After the fun of wiring for DCC I will also work on painting my very own locomotive, and using waterslide decals to add our logo and other details to the engine. Share your thoughts in the comments; I'd love to hear if you've tackled building any Proto 2000 engines with DCC and sound. Let's start a new Proto 2000 Locomotive Video Series together and dive in today!

0:00 Intro Starting a new Proto 2000 Series
0:23 Test Run/Tear Down Video 1
1:35 Cleaning the Engine Video 2
2:10 Rebuild/Test Run Video 3
2:20 DCC Decoder Install Video 4
2:25 DCC Sound Install Video 5
3:15 Final Thoughts/Test DCC-Sound Video 6
3:45 Painting Engine Video 7
4:36 Waterslide Decals Video 8
4:59 Outro

We would love to have you follow along with our journey! Are you new to Model Railroad? This will be a good video series for the both of us to learn from!

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Let's start a new Proto 2000 Locomotive Video Series! I hope you will enjoy this video series but also be on the look out for our fleet of other locomotives, rolling stock based on buy outs from other company's, new purchases and more. You can view all of these on our site at any point and time.

Painted in multiple paint schemes using our made up logo and colors scheme for some added fun! You can follow along with the process by visiting our blog or check out the layout updates page where we will keep you in the loop with our progress. Want to know the type of tools we use? We are providing a list of all the types of tools that we use on the M&P Railroad.

This is the best part about coming up with your own railroad. You can take other paint jobs you like and mix them in with yours. It's a pretty unique process and makes for the ultimate creative experience when apply decals paint and more.

Have questions, or want us to write up a blog post? Maybe you would like to reach out to us about doing a product review? You can reach out to Cody at M&P Rail by going to our contact us page and filling out the form or send us an email.

Cody Wilson
Cody Wilson

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