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Roster Updates as of August 8 2023

Roster Updates as of August 8 2023

Roster Updates as of August 8 2023

I wanted to post and provide an update of some of our recent roster updates. We have adding a new locomotive and a few brand new rolling stock! Plans to add more rolling stock and working on our current lineup of Proto 2000 engines are ramping up.

The M&P Railroad is starting to grow slowly so we wanted to provide some Roster Updates as of August 8 2023. Finally have ideas for the businesses we want on the layout so this means over time we can start to purchase the rolling stock needed to help run the show.

First and foremost our new locomotive power! We have added a brand new WalthersMainline with ESU Sound for our DCC layout. This is the Canadian National 100th Anniversary GE ES44 Evolution Series GEVO diesel.

You can go to our locomotive page to find more information about this engine and the purpose it will serve on the M&P Railroad. This is going to be one of the main work horses on the layout along with some other power. With more Roster Updates as of August 8 2023 below.

WalthersProto 23,000 Gallon Tank Cars

While we are still in progress of figuring out what businesses we want to have on this area of the layout we wanted to go with a bakery/chocolate company.

So what better item to get than some 54' 23,000 Gallon Funnel Flow Tank Cars this time a WalthersProto purchase. We purchased three of these to support the bakery/chocolate factory for their supply needs.

As this factory would be a little bigger than what we can fully show on the layout at this given point in our layout building.

Scale Trains 31,000 Gallon Tank Cars

Well we have gone and done it now, we got our first of what I hope is many Scale Trains rolling stock. Cody decided to purchase 2 Trinity 31,000 Gallon tank cars to help with suppling some of the other business in the area.

Mainly used at some warehouses to help with fueling of their trucks with diesel fuel and even used at the bakery from time to time.

Older Proto 2000 Engines

So far work has been completed on three of our GP30 Proto 2000 Engines, two of these engines are undercoated and one of them rocks a Burlington Northern paint scheme (most likely to be stripped and painted). We are also currently working on a GP18 engine that will need some major overhaul done to it. Hope to have a video up on the site and our YouTube channel soon on tearing down one of these Proto 2000 engines to clean and fix the broken axles. We hope you enjoyed the roster updates as of August 8 2023 and we hope to have many more coming soon!

This should concluded the roster updates as of August 8 2023. Let us know in the comments below what you think, be sure to like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on our other social media as well.

Check out what rolling stock we are running and our locomotive power we have on the M&P Railroad.

Cody Wilson
Cody Wilson

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